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Laser varicose vein operation

For whom the operation is intended

All women who have varicose veins on their lower limbs – irregularly winding and in places pouchlike spreading in below – the- skin vein weavings.


New method, the most modern, least invasive. It is done in an ambulant way, with either a local anaesthetic or analgosedative (a light form of complete anaesthesia). Through single pricks above the forming varicose veins, a special laser fibre is introduced to the inner veins, which are then, with the aid of the laser, completely sealed. After the procedure there are no scars, only minimal bruising and the patient is much less restricted in his everyday activities.
If sick leave is required, it is only for a short time – a few days. Alsom it is necessary to wear elastic compression stockings for a short period.


For minor operations, we use local anaesthesia, but for more extensive operations, we recommend complete anaesthesia.


Immediately after the operation the treated areas begin to swell and red bands form (treatment of progressing veins). Sometimes during the course of healing blisters appear. After the operation is done we recommend as a preventative measure the application of a cold dry compress. Bruises below the skin are minimal. After treatment, hardened pigmented areas are formed along the path of the veins. These gradually disappear over the course of 4 weeks. They are a result of properly treated veins which, through this process, gradually heal. After the operation we recommend wearing elastic stockings continuously for a period of 3 weeks.