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The beginnings of the existence of VS Laser are actually connected with the establishment of OFTA eye laser centre. When it was founded in 1994, few had any idea what huge development laser technology used in medicine would go through.

In the year 1995 OFTA began to correct vision with the aid of lasers. In the spring of 1996 laser eye operations were in full use and the staff began to think about the most advantageous way to expand operations. It was decided on laser cosmetics, and since in medicine it isn´t possible to „start from scratch”, doctors flew to Toronto to find out to what extent a cosmetic laser would be useful for OFTA. There they were impressed by the CO2 laser with an ultra-short pulse, allowing, above all, shortening of the healing time by a third.

In 1996 the cosmetic center obtained its first Erbium laser – exactly the type the doctors in Canada had dreamt of. The first results were revolutionary – Erbium lasers are cold – they don´t go the route of warm coagulation or disintegration of tissue. On the contrary; they in no way damage the tissue. That´s precisely why healing is much faster. At the time when the Erbium laser began to be imported into the Czech Republic, OFTA had already had a year´s experience with them. It could be said that our cosmetic laser centre was one the pioneers of large-scale use of Erbium lasers in cosmetics.

A name which has been associated with our cosmetic center throughout its history is Dr. Jiří Voltr. He has worked in OFTA since the time its doctors decided to buy a cosmetic laser. Because it concerned a completely new way of treating skin problems, even he, an experienced dermatologist with many years of experience, had to go through hands-on training in several European cities before he began working with the laser.
Over time, the laser centre was equipped with other, mostly unique lasers, treating single skin problems. You will find specifications in the section „Technical equipment”.

On 1 January 2005, the cosmetic laser centre OFTA was transformed into the cosmetic laser centre VS Laser corp., ltd. After serious consideration, it was obvious to all that if both workplaces – meaning the eye and cosmetic – wanted to intensify and expand their services, it wouldn´t be possible to „sit on two chairs”.

Already, after less than a year, the results for both independently – operated companies (OFTA eye laser microsurgery centre, ltd. And VS Laser corp., ltd.) have shown that for the development of their activities, it has been a step in the right direction.