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The Removal Of Blood Vessels

For whom the procedure is intended

All women who have small red blood vessels on the face, legs or other places.

How the procedure is carriedout

The removal of veins is usually done all at once in places where there is greater blood plessure or in cases greater concentration of tangled vein it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

Blood vessels of the lower limbs


It depends on the particular part of the body. On the front thighs, back and cheeks the procedure is relatively painless. The pits of the legs, sides of the nose and area above the upper lip are more sensitive.


The first day after treating the facial veins the skin reddens and it is necessary to cool it by applying an ice pack. On the legs, the pattern of the original veins is usually visible, but brownish in colour. These, however, completely vanish within the course of several weeks. The ability to move is in no way restricted.

Technical equipment

The procedure is carried out by the high-performance laser system IDAS, with which we can, above all, remove small red blood vessels up to 1 mm in diameter.