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Wrinkle removal

For whom the procedure is intended

All women who, when looking in the mirror, begin to be dissatisfied with their appearance.


For the removal of wrinkles we use two types of operation:
RESURFACING- more penetrating procedure, with which we safely smooth out irregularities in the skin relief.
REFRESHING – a gentler smoothing down of the skin leading to an overall youthful appearance.


For smaller areas we use local anaesthesia, and for more extensive procedures we recommend complete anaesthesia.


4-5 days after the procedure, the skin reddens in the beginning there is swelling, sometimes even bleeding and drainage. After 10 days it´s possible to cover the skin with appropriate make-up. We evaluate the resulting effect of the treatment after roughly six months.

Technical equipment

When compared to the results of the CO2 laser, the ER YAG laser brings less pain and a shorter healing time.