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Injections to dissolve subcutaneous fat

It acts on the cutaneous and subcutaneous fat and on ligaments. It is done by injecting the effective substances into the proper place with a thin needle. Here it can act, according to the composition of the mixture, in different ways, most often by dissolving fat and releasing it from below the skin, improving circulation, discharging the by-products of metabolism, strengthening ligaments and so forth.
It is used primarily for modeling the relief of the body.

Injections for the removal of cellulite

By using mezotherapy, we can reduce, for example, the volume of fatty tissue and thus dissolve fatty nodes (so – called lipomes), reduce the circumference of the waist or on other parts of the body, work to eliminate cellulite, stretchmarks and so forth.
When modeling the figure by dissolving subcutaneous fat it takes roughly ten sessions to reduce the waist circumference by several centimeters. That is why it is advisable, in combination with treatment to, for example, reduce ones diet to alter the body proportions. However, because it isn´t an alternative to liposuction, it is not suitable for the removal of large amounts of fat from obese individuals.