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Hair removal

For whom the procedure is intended

Using the laser it is possible to remove practically all unwanted dark hair all over the body, except from areas around the eyes. We don´t recommend the procedure for blond hair, as the effects might not fulfil expectations.

How the procedure is carried out

In order to achieve the desired effect it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times. In the area above the upper lip, three visits are usually sufficient to correct the problem. To achieve optimal results for other parts of the body it is necessary to repeat the procedure roughly 5 times.
If is important that pacients nor arrive for treatment with hair which is too long o with the hair pulled out. The ideal hair length for treatment is 1-2 mm.
The removal of hair from the armpit


In comparison with previous laser types there is significantly less pain.


The treated area can be recognized by the pinkness of the skin. After a few hours it isn´t possible to see where the procedure was done.

Technical equipment

The unique Nd YAG MYDON laser (the first one imported to the Czech Republic) belongs among the most modern depilation lasers in the world.